Marketing products and services through the GDCTA is very focused. The target audience uses the organization’s publications as current sources of information throughout the year.


Gain continuous exposure and name recognition with the combination of:

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Annual Membership Directory

  • Online Banner Ads

  • Semi-Annual Show Programs


31 MAR

Annual Directory -

Artwork and Payment


Newsletter - Collected Remarks

28 APR


Show Program

31 MAY

Annual Yearbook


18 AUG

Labor Day Classic -

Show Program

29 SEP

ATL National Fall -

Show Program



Penny Morse


June Brewer



Show Program Advertising


GDCTA hosts horse shows throughout the year.




July 11-12

Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern I & II


August 29-30

Labor Day Classic I & II


Schooling Shows have no programs:

August 1-2: Summer Finals

October 11-13: Atlanta National Fall Dressage




Caren Caverly


GDCTA Advertising

c/o Caren Caverly

6370 Spinnaker Lane

Alpharetta, GA 30005


GDCTA Newsletter: Advertise in Collected Remarks


Deadline for receipt of artwork and payment is the 5th of every month.

Collected Remarks is the official publication of the Georgia Dressage and Combined Training Association, Inc. (GDCTA). Published online 10x per year to nearly 800 equine enthusiasts; it is full of informative articles, member ads, clinic information, and our regional calendar of events.  Join GDCTA to receive your own copy of the annual Yearbook.


For each issue, every effort is made to include submissions received by the deadline of the 5th of the month prior.

For possible publication members are encouraged to submit:

  • original articles (no more than 600 words)

  • photographs (high resolution preferred)

  • artwork


The goal of Collected Remarks is to serve the needs of the membership. Feel free to contact the editors anytime with questions, comments or criticism.


GDCTA is not responsible for the opinions and statements expressed in signed articles and paid advertisements.  Articles taking a political position will not be considered for publication. The editors reserve the right to edit, modify, omit or change content to submitted stories or articles due to space restrictions. Articles may not be reproduced without the written consent of the editor or author.

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Annual Membership Directory


Deadline for receipt of artwork and payment is March 31st.  Members receive 2 free business listings.

Place your ad in one of the most highly accessed parts of the Gerogia Dressage and Combined Training Association website!  The nearly 800 members of GDCTA use this directory regularly.  Let GDCTA members know what service or product you have to offer!

ONLINE ONLY Beginning 2017


Online Banner Advertisment

Once you have paid, please email your ad and your URL link to


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