Kim Gentry Bit Fitting Clinic

July 18-19

Bear Creek Farm

1539 Bear Creek Rd

Moreland, GA 30259


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Kim Gentry has quickly become highly sought after for her unique clinics which provide riders with the ability to try many different bits and bridles in guided sessions. She works with riders one-on-one in a traditional clinic format and also welcomes student/trainer combinations enabling them to work comfortably as they would in a lesson.

During this clinic you'll learn about: 

  • Confirmation & Sensitivity

  • How to measure for snaffle and Double bridle bits

  • Different types of bits

  • Correctly fitting the bit

  • Things to remember and consider

Kim works with Herm Sprenger, Neue Schule, Lorenzi and Bomber bits. She has added Tota Comfort System, Passier and Schoekemoehle anatomic bridles to her clinics as she also believes that these bridles can significantly improve the comfort and the performance of many horses.


Auditors welcome. Tickets available soon! Save $ by buying your tickets in advance.



Joanne Morse


Deposit Required to Hold Spot.

Clinic Pricing:
$50 Fee Per Horse/Rider Combo plus:
  • Snaffle Bridle Bit Fitting: $125
  • Double Bridle Bit Fitting: $175
  • Snaffle and Double Bridle Bit Fitting: $225
  • Bridle Fitting: $50

Auditing Available at $25 per person per day.
(Lunch Included)

***Bits and Bridles can be ordered directly from Kim during clinic.

Bear Creek Farm

1539 Bear Creek Rd

Moreland, GA 30259