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Under this program, year-end awards are presented to the best scoring collegiate rider in dressage and combined training at GDCTA sanctioned schooling shows.


  • GDCTA members who are full- or part-time college students at two- or four-year accredited institutions at the time of the competition in which the score is earned are eligible to receive the award.

  • For scores from competitions taking place during the summer months to count, riders must have been an enrolled college student in the preceding spring semester or be an enrolled college student in the immediate following fall semester.


How to Submit Scores
  • Check the “collegiate” box on your GDCTA membership application

  • If you have already joined GDCTA and you ​did not check the collegiate box, email collegiate chair Amanda Garner at the email address below and ask to be enrolled in the program.


If you have any questions or would like to enroll in the collegiate best score award program, please send an email to:

Amanda Garner

Chair, GDCTA Collegiate Program


“USEA-sanctioned Collegiate Eventing has existed for several years, and is a great program for college riders at the rated level, but what is missing is an opportunity for riding and competing for college students at the local level. Those students who, for various reasons (time, financial status, skill level, horse availability, etc.), are not able to pursue eventing at the rated level, but still enjoy the sport. That is who the GDCTA Collegiate Best Score Award aims to serve,” says Amanda Garner, chair, GDCTA collegiate program.

Collegiate Programs

Committee Chair


Amanda Garner

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