1)      Nominating – Liz Molloy & Carol Treson


2)      Grievance – (only if there is a complaint)

              Julie Shannon and Joanne Morse 


3)      Finance –

              a.      Chair – Peter West

              b.      Sponsorship 2020 - Caren Caverly


4)      Awards – 

              a.      Grants – Open


5)      Awards Gala –

              a.       Chair – Caren Caverly

              b.       Silent Auction – Joanne Morse

              c.       Barn Raffle – Open


6)      Education – 

              a.      Chair – Julie Shannon

              b.      Clinics – Caren Caverly

              c.       Kudzu – Halliea Milner


7)      Youth –

              a.   Chair – Joanne Morse

              b.   Schooling or Grassroots – Halliea Milner

              c.   Recognized – Liz Molloy, Lori Goodwin

              d.   Collegiate – Amanda Garner


8)      Communication –

              a.      Chair – Joanne Morse

              b.      Yearbook – Penny Morse, June Brewer

              c.       Newsletter – Penny Morse, June Brewer

              d.      Website – June Brewer

              e.      Social Media – June Brewer


9)      Show –

              a.      Chair – Open

              b.      Recognized – Caren Caverly

              c.       Schooling – Caren Caverly

                       1.      Horse Show Recognition – Carol Tresan

              d.      Regional Championships

                       1.      Chair – Caren Caverly

                       2.      Vendors – Caren Caverly

                       3.      Hospitality – Open

                       4.      Awards Chair – Peri Lambros

                       5.      Grounds – Open

              e.      Volunteer Coordinator – Open


GDCTA is led by your peers and exists to serve our members’ needs. If you would like to be involved with committee or just have general suggestions, please contact the appropriate member.



President: Caren Caverly 770-713-4025

VP Dressage: Julie Shannon 770-569-9555

VP Eventing: Joanne Morse  770-313-6283

Treasurer: Peter West 762-448-9049

Recording Secretary: Lori Goodwin 404-226-1770

Corresponding Secretary: Peri Lambros  678-372-4105



Carol Tresan 404-786-4232

Amanda Moretz 404-735-5823

Halliea Milner 404-538-5113

Liz Molloy 770-634-4089

Jen Scherrens          (770) 605-3822

Abigail Kroupa 770-569-9555



June Brewer 678-677-4404


Mary Lou Freil 770-330-2489


Halliea Milner 404-538-5113


Penny Morse 770-316-8655


President – provides leadership in furthering the mission of GDCTA and supervises all of the business and affairs of the board

President: Caren Caverly

I have served on the GDCTA Board for the past 11 years and as President for the last 8 years.  I am also the Chairperson for GDCTA Insurance, Annual Awards Gala and the Year End Awards.  While on the board at GDCTA, I proposed and managed the 2009-2018 Schooling Shows at Wills Park and at the Georgia International Horse Park.  I also organized the Gil Merrick Seminar along with June Brewer.


I have been riding for over 55 years with the last 14 years focused on dressage.  I currently own 1 horse, Solant (retired).  I have also served as Treasurer for the Georgia Arabian Association for 4 years.


My professional experience includes working as Manager and Buyer for Tack Tavern for 8 ½ years, followed by 15 years in the car business.  I am currently the Assistant Manager at Dover Saddlery.


On-going goals for the GDCTA include getting the Region 3 Championships back to Conyers and making them the most fun and successful championships.  We also hope to continue the growing success of the Awards Gala. 


As President, I would like to see GDCTA host more educational seminars and junior activities.  My personal goal is to make GDCTA the best GMO in the country – the one every other GMO’s look to as the example of how things are done! 

Contact Caren:


Julie Shannon


Vice President for Dressage: Julie Shannon

Owner/trainer at Shannondale farm, a USEF Elite Training Center, for more than 20 years, Julie is focused on hosting world-class clinicians and promoting dressage education in our region.


Julie is the Georgie State Representative for The Dressage Foundation and has been the GDCTA Vice President of Dressage in the past. She has held the Education Chair position at GDCTA for 10 years.


Julie trains and maintains a select group of students and their horses, focusing on their physical and mental partnership development in the sport of dressage. As a GDCTA board member and committee chair, she works to provide the best educational opportunities for our members.


Julie is on the following committees:

Grievance (Co-Chair)

Education (Chair)

Vice President – guides the business and affairs in regard to discipline; will assume the duties of the Board President when the President is absent or if the President should delegate the Vice President to act.

Contact Joanne


Vice President – guides the business and affairs in regard to discipline; will assume the duties of the Board President when the President is absent or if the President should delegate the Vice President to act.

Vice President for Combined Training: Joanne Morse

Joanne Morse is an eventer that has competed through Training level with the goal of moving up to Prelim within the next year. She also has recently started competed at Dressage shows again with the goal of earning her Bronze medal in the near future. She lives on her family owned farm which she manages. She has a love for training horses and also helping fellow equestrians achieve their goals with their equine partners. She is a major advocate for safety while riding and works with a safety gear company to help educate riders and assist them in getting in the best safety gear possible. 

Joanne is on the following committees:

Grievance (Co-Chair)

Awards Gala (Silent Auction)

Youth (Co-Chair)

Communication (Chair)

Lori Goodwin 


Recording Secretary - keeps the minutes of the board of directors.

Recording Secretary: Lori Goodwin

Lori lives in Woodstock with her husband Jon and their two daughters, Helen Marie age 15, and Abby age 13. They are very involved with the band and in the show world for Abby as well as Pony Club. As a family, they love to go camping (which Lori calls glamping as they are in a camper) and Auburn football.  Lori am a breast cancer survivor and an ambassador for a program Ford has for cancer patients and families. She is a MOC= Model of Courage.  Over the last several years of being a GDCTA member and attending many shows whether Abby was showing or they were both volunteering, Lori and Abby have met a wide range of people who they enjoy talking with and helping and learning.

Lori is on the Recognized Youth Committee.


Peter West


Treasurer – keeps account of the receipts and disbursements in the organization’s books. Additionally the Treasurer is responsible for keeping track of the organization’s financial condition.

Treasurer: Peter West

Peter West is the founder and Managing Partner of Radix Consulting Inc., a full service firm providing business consulting services with its office located in Atlanta Georgia.   Radix is a professional, knowledgeable, and experienced business consulting company with services that range from the basic strategic planning to more overpowering jobs, such as a complete business refit or rebuilding. 


Peter is also a board member of two other companies including Goldin Rock Resources, a Gold Exploration company that holds the mining rights on a tract of land that is central in an area that has a proven track record of high levels of gold mineral extraction. The second board membership is with Novaera Fuels Ltd., an R & D company looking to develop fuel and fuel additives from renewable resources.  


Previous and for over 25 years, Peter was President and CEO of Canuck Industries Inc., a diverse private corporation consisting of an airfreight service division and three manufacturing and distribution facilities of aluminium products for home construction in the United States and Canada.


A University of British Columbia grad with a Bachelor of Commerce degree, Peter earned his Chartered Accountant (CPA) designation with a major CPA firm in Vancouver B.C.  He left public practice and joined ITT Rayonier where he started in their tax division, moved to Business Planning and was further transferred in 1977 to Atlanta Georgia where he became the Director of Southeast Operations.   While with ITT he undertook the EMBA program at the Wharton School of Business at The University of Pennsylvania.  After declining a Division Vice President position and transfer to New York, he moved forward and formed Canuck Industries Inc.


Peter is married to Teresa and has two children. Son Chris is married with two children; their daughter Karen has been an avid dressage rider and competitor for a number of years.  Peter, Teresa and Karen have recently returned to Georgia after spending 13 years in Canada, working, taking care of aging parents and enjoying the wonderful nature of his homeland.    


Peri Lambros


Corresponding Secretary - keeps track of the board members’ contact information in order to inform the board about meetings and updates on the organization.

Corresponding Secretary: Peri Lambros

Peri is an eventer with a passion for dressage, currently in pursuit of her Silver Medal. Peri is a certified Life Pulse practitioner who loves helping horses feel better and perform better. It is her desire to continue to help GDCTA be one of the best GMOs in the USA. She lives on a small horse farm in Oxford with her husband, three horses, one dog, and three cats.





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