July 11-12, 2020
previously May 9-10, 2020
Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern (USEF/USDF #661) (July 11)
Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern II (USEF/USDF #328930) (July 12)
Georgia International Horse Park
1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway
Conyers, Georgia
Entry Form

Sponsored by Wilsun Custom Horse Blankets


Official Qualifying Competition for the 2020 Adequan FEI North American Youth
Championships presented by Gotham North; the 2020 USEF Children Dressage
National Championship; the 2020 USEF Pony Rider Dressage National Championship; 2020
USEF Junior and Young Rider Dressage National Championships; and the 2020 USEF Young
Adult 'Brentina Cup' Dressage National Championship. Official Qualifying Competition
for the 2020 Markel/USEF Young and Developing Horse Dressage Championships

These are two separate shows and require two separate entry forms and documentation.

  • Both shows will use the same judges. Qualifying classes will have a different judge each day.

  • Both shows are considered as one competition for the above listed championships.


Official Qualifying Competition for 2020 GAIG/USDF Dressage Championships

Competitors may qualify only once in each show, but may enter more than one qualifying class, if they want. Qualifying classes and Tests of Choice are available to facilitate this.

NDPC Pony Cup Partner


Jennifer T. Roth (S - NC)

Robin Brueckmann (S - NC)

Need Volunteers!

Saturday: Need 1 runner, 3 ring stewards, and 1 person at the award table

Sunday: Need 2 ring stewards and 1 person at the award table

Please contact Caren Caverly ASAP if you can help.


If you are entering both shows PLEASE put all STALL information and payment on the first show entry form.

Entries can be completed online at www.EqEntries.com or by completing the entry forms included at the end of the prize list.


Management requests that all entries be created on EqEntries.com. If you do not already have a user account with EqEntries.com, please sign up.

There is no charge to join EqEntries, create an entry or print an entry.

So, if you choose to print your entry and mail it with a personal check, the service is free.


  • GDCTA – Trophy and six ribbons awarded in each class for AA, Open and Jr/YR Classes will be run in their entirety and pinned AA, Open and Jr/Yr.

  • Richards Equine Video - $100 to FEI High Score on Saturday.​

  • Lisa Seger Insurance High Point Awards: for AA, Jr/Yr, and Open for Training Level through Fourth Level. One award for FEI levels, inclusive. Awarded in Saturday's Classes

  • High Point Award – Wilsun Custom Blanket will offer an award to the High Point JR/YR, AA, and Open Rider on both Saturday and Sunday. 

  • T.I.P. (Thoroughbred Incentive Program) - High Point Overall

  • National Dressage Pony Cup High Point Ribbon

  • “CA Solant” Perpetual Trophy for Top AA Average Score for Four GDCTA Recognized Dressage Shows. To be presented at the Annual Awards Gala in January.

Adult Amateurs~ This award is for you!

CA Solant Perpetual Trophy - Awarded to the highest Average Score for an Adult Amateur for the 4 GDCTA-hosted dressage shows. Presented at the GDCTA Awards Gala, January 2021.

GDCTA-hosted Dressage Shows 2020:
• July 11-12: Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern I & II (2 shows), Conyers, GA
• Aug 29-30: Labor Day Classic I & II (2 shows), Conyers, GA


Juniors/Young riders~ This one is for you!

Pam Kimble Memorial Trophy - Awarded to the highest Average Score for a Jr/YR from all USDF shows. 


To qualify: you must be a GDCTA member at the time of earning the scores and you must have checked the “Recognized Awards Program” participation on your membership application.


SPECIAL UPDATE! The GDCTA Pony Awards will use both pony classes and regular classes for eligibility. Now ALL of your scores will count! In keeping with the new guidance from USDF, you can get all of your scores at ONE show. Scores in front of the same judge can count. You still need to ride the top test of the level two times. Please let Janie Pride know if you are competing for The GDCTA Pony Awards that she is sponsoring. You do need a pony card.  

To Be Held:

July 11-12


Georgia International

Horse Park

1996 Centennial Parkway

Conyers, Georgia


Opening Date: 

May 25

Closing: In Secretary’s Hand:

June 29



Show Manager &

Entry Secretary:

Caren Caverly 




Show Secretary: 

Mary Lou Freil




Volunteer Coordinator:


sign up online:



Vendor & Sponsorship Coordinator:

Caren Caverly




Stable Manager & Night Watch:

Sweet Dreams Night Watch





Richard Taylor





High Time Photography

John & Christie Snyder





Trish Savard




Countryside Vet

3435 Maughon Rd

Covington, GA 


Safety Officer:

Mark Fornwalt

Golf Carts:

Queen Sales



Be a volunteer! 


Looking for help with ring set up and tear down and everything in between!

  • Ring Stewards

  • Runners

  • Floaters

  • Scribes

  • Awards Desk

Sign up here.

Volunteers needed both days as well as for set up.

Set up is Thursday ~ 2 rings

Tear down is Sunday, after the last class ~ 2 rings


Per the Horse Park website, “Barn 7” is the Exhibition Hall on the hill behind the big warm up. Barns 6 and 7 have 10x10 stalls. Barns 1-5 have 11x12 stalls.


Stable chart is posted on the Show Info page.

May arrive on Friday after 12:00PM, must vacate by 7pm Sunday.

Earlier arrivals and later departures must get permission from management and pay
$40/night fee. NO paddocks are available.

STABLING GROUPS: Please use ONE Consistent GROUP NAME for
everyone who wants stabling together in a single GROUP. Please be

Show Notes

USEF Safe Sport Training Requirement

Starting January 1, 2019, if you are a USEF Competing
Member 18 years of age or older you are required to
complete the core Safe Sport Training within 30 days
of activating your membership.

If you do not complete the training, you are
ineligible to participate in all USEF activities
including competitions.

logging into your member dashboard.


Because of the Covid-19 shut down EqEntries is backed up. Both the GADS and The GDCTA Summer Final Schooling show are open for entries but not yet on Eqentries. The best thing to do is print out the entry, sign everything, and mail it (entry forms and mailing address in Prize List.)


You can either mail a check or include credit card information.


Please get your entries in so we can know if we have enough entries to hold the show! We will not cash your check or run your credit card until the decision is made.


Please support these shows!!!