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GDCTA Awards Gala

GDCTA recognizes excellence by bestowing awards to both dressage and combined training riders.


The Countdown is on!

January 20-29, 2021



January 20-29 with Award announcements and

Silent Auction and Barn Basket Raffle.

Awards and winnings can be picked up on Sunday, January 31st.

--Contacts and locations to be announced.--


Riders work hard and compete all season to qualify for the GDCTA Awards. This Gala is a celebration of those efforts as well as an opportunity to mix and mingle with horse friends outside of the barn aisle.

The annual year-end GDCTA Awards recognize the hard work and dedication of our members. GDCTA holds an annual Gala, a celebration of the year’s award winners and GDCTA’s largest fundraising event. In a normal year, it is an in-person event, however, not in 2021. This Gala will feature video award announcements, an online silent auction and Barn Basket Raffle. The annual Awards Gala is GDCTA’s major fundraising event with proceeds earmarked for clinics, shows, forums, and more. The Awards Gala is a great way for members and businesses to show their support for our riding community in Georgia. 

  1. Be on the lookout! About mid-December, the year-end award winners will receive a notice via EMAIL (not mail this year).

  2. Winners, please send your high-resolution, "landscape" (horizontal) photos to June at by January 1st.


Event hashtag: #GDCTAAwardsGala 

Join us for all the updates on the Facebook event page: click here.


The Gala is the biggest fundraiser for GDCTA. Proceeds from the event are used to fund all the organization's events and activities.



If you are interested in donating to the Silent Auction, please contact                         

Liz Molloy 770-634-4089


If you want to show your barn spirit with a Barn Basket for the Raffle, please contact 

Peri Lambros 678-372-4105


If you cannot pick up your award on January 31st, you can make arrangements for someone to pick up it up for you or to have it shipped - click here

Awards for

2020 Show Season 

Oct 1, 2019-Sept 30, 2020



Gala Chair:

Caren Caverly


Silent Auction


Liz Molloy


Barn Baskets

Peri Lambros



June Brewer


The GDCTA Awards Gala will be virtual this year. The silent auction and barn basket raffle will run from noon on January 20th through noon on January 29th. There's a preview set up and we are updating it as we get commitments for the donations. Some of the items don't have pricing or descriptions or photos yet, but they will! Donations and barn baskets for the raffle are welcome! Preview the Online auction here:

The winner announcements will be made by video and the videos will be posted to that link I just listed. It's all part of the online set-up for the auction. I'm working on the videos for that . First I need all the photos and that is a bit slow going although we only need about 35 more to complete the list so we are making progress. The plan is to post those videos on the 27th. Once the auction finishes on the 29th, all bidders will get notified of their winning bids and will be asked to pay at that time.

The 29th is a Friday. On Saturday, the 30th, several of us ("delivery elves") from around the metro area will descend on Caren Caverly's home and pick up awards and auction items that have been won in our areas to take back to our areas where you can arrange to pick them up. (We are not actually delivering them except to some farms.)

"Delivery Elves" will be around the Metro Area:

  • Northwest: June Brewer (Kennesaw) - I will be picking up the items for Foxberry Farm and North Atlanta Equestrian, as well as others in the immediate vicinity.

  • West-Southwest: Joanne Morse (Villa Rica)

  • South: Ashley Boyd Giles (Newnan)

  • Central North: Abi Kroupa (Canton)

  • East: Peri Lambros (Conyers)

  • North: Caren Caverly (Alpharetta)

  • More North: Liz Molloy (Cumming)

Anyone who does not have a "delivery elf" close will have to arrange to have their winnings shipped through Caren Caverly or if you only have an award use "Ship My Award" 

We hope everyone will participate in the auction and enjoy the bidding set up - it's got a lot of neat features - and then will tune in to the videos announcing the winners.

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