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Atlanta Youth Festival

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September 4-5-6, 2020: D4K TEAM Clinic &  Atlanta Youth Festival
Join us for an educational filled weekend beginning Friday for a two-day TEAM Clinic with Lendon Gray.  Saturday AYDC will host a GDCTA sanctioned schooling show. This will be a GDCTA Sanctioned Schooling Show and will count towards 2020 Year-End Awards.
Closing date Sat August 29, 2020
Georgia International Horse Park
1996 Centennial Olympic Parkway,
Conyers, GA 30013
Arenas 5, 6, & 7

Site of the 2016 & 2018
Great American Insurance Group / USDF Region 3 Championships

Reading List - current list is available here.

ABOUT TEAM CLINIC: TEAM stands for Training, Education and Mentoring. TEAM is a Program that you Apply for, get Accepted to, and then Invited to attend our clinic. All information may be found here:


Enthusiastic dressage riders are encouraged to apply. Use a video from a show you’ve recently ridden in. TEAM is now expanded to Under 25. Clinicians are Lendon Gray and Jos Sevreins.


Who May Compete:
AGE: Any rider 21 and under. The FEI age rule applies, which is the age the rider reaches in the calendar year. For example, if the rider becomes 21 years old in 2019, the rider is eligible, but if the rider becomes 22 years old in 2019, the rider is not. If the rider turns 12 anytime in the year 2019, the rider is considered to be 12 for the show. No qualifying scores are necessary.

RIDERS: Regarding dual divisions: a rider may either 1) enter two consecutive Divisions with the same horse, or 2) enter two Divisions on two different horses at the same level or different levels. The qualifying score must be obtained at the higher level of the two Divisions chosen. A rider, with the exception to those entering the Walk/Trot or AA Introductory C Divisions, can enter a maximum of two Divisions (levels). A Rider in the Walk/Trot or AA Introductory C Division can only enter one Division. A rider who has previously won a Division may not compete again on the same horse in that Division, with the exception of the Walk/Trot Division and the FEI Divisions.

HORSES: Horse may be ridden by one rider in two consecutive Divisions, except where noted, or two riders in the same or different Divisions. A horse may compete in two Divisions only. A horse may also be ridden by another rider in the Leadline Class. The welfare of the horse is of utmost importance. Two competitors riding the same horse must keep this in mind when entering optional classes.

DIVISIONS: The Divisions are the heart of the Youth Dressage Festival. Each Division consists of three Sections: Written Test, Equitation Class, and Dressage Test. Each Section is worth 100 points for a total of 300 points. Total points from the three divisions determine placings. Ties are broken by using the Equitation Class score, then Dressage Test score and, if needed, the Written Test score.

Closing Date:

Liz Molloy

(770) 634-4089

Dressage Test Judge:

Dressage Seat Equitation:

Written Test:
Lendon Gray

Turnout Inspection:


Marc Mesa



The Lisa Seger Insurance (LSI) Adult Amateur Medal Program is designed to specifically recognize and encourage adult amateurs riding at Training Level. The eligible rider with the highest score of 60% or better in the designated Training Level Test 3 class Adult Amateur Medal class will receive an LSI AA medal with ribbon. The LSI Adult Amateur Medal Final Champion and Reserve Champion will be determined on Sunday. The champion receives a Trophy, Saddle Pad, and Ribbon; the Reserve Champion receives a Trophy and Ribbon.


Rider Eligibility- Rider must have a current GDCTA membership and be a member in good standing of GDCTA when the scores are earned. Rider must be an Adult Amateur in accordance with Article GR1306 of the USEF Rules when the scores are earned. Horse and owner must meet minimum competition eligibility requirements at the time scores are earned. To qualify for finals, you must have won one (1) LSI AA Medal during the current competition year.