GDCTA is proud to announce the Grant Recipients

Thanks to all of you for submitting applications for the GDCTA Grant Program.

We hope all of you will continue to pursue your training and equestrian goals and if not selected will apply again next year.


The Grant board met and made a decision to award the Grants of $800 to the following applicants . . .

Thank you,

Amanda Moretz

Chairperson GDCTA Grant Committee


Adult Amateur—Beverly Britton

Eventer—Betty Smith

Junior/Young Rider—Abigail Goodwin

Professional—Olivia Reese


Adult Amateur—Amy Tobias

Eventer—Kim Keeton

Junior/Young Rider—Maren Hansen

Professional—Alison Cochran


Adult Amateur—Laura Carter (article)

Eventer—Beth Stelzleni

Junior/Young Rider—Maylyn Hinson (article)

Professional—Christy Scotch (article)


Adult Amateur—Pam Hara

Eventer—Holly Breaux (article)

Junior/Young Rider—Ella Swales (article)

Professional—Brittany Kart (article)


Adult Amateur—June Brewer (article)

Eventer—Hayden Jones

Junior/Young Rider—Kate McFarland

Professional—Jessica Lorenson

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