If you are organizing a schooling show and wish to have it GDCTA Recognized (so riders can use the scores towards our year-end awards), submit the Recognition forms. Please review the other information and specifications/guidelines we have provided. For specific questions, email the show recognition POC.


GDCTA recognizes non-USEF/USDF/USEA -sanctioned competitions in order for their results to apply toward GDCTA year-end awards.   

Results from USEF, USDF and/or USEA sanctioned (recognized) horse trials, shows, etc. are accepted towards GDCTA year-end awards. There is no requirement for these competitions to request GDCTA-recognition (i.e., no application or fee is required for results to count). 

Non-sanctioned Combined Training horse trials, Dressage schooling shows, etc., may request GDCTA recognition prior to the competition. Events meeting the GDCTA standards and for which recognition fees have been paid are classed as "GDCTA-Recognized". 


For non-sanctioned competitions to be GDCTA-Recognized the following must be provided by the event manager/secretary to the GDCTA Show Recognition POC prior to the event:

  1. Signed GDCTA Show Recognition Application

  2. A check for $35 per show (not per day) payable to GDCTA must accompany the application. (Payment can be made online as well.)

  3. The name(s) of the GDCTA-recognized judge(s) scheduled for the event. The event must use GDCTA-recognized judges (“L” graduate or above; past or present judge; see list in USDF calendar of competitions for current judges.)

  4. Proof of Liability Insurance Coverage for the event ($1,000,000.00 specific limits).

  5. The Event Prize List and/or Program with the GDCTA Membership Application included

  6. The Event Entry form with the GDCTA Hold Harmless Form included.


Upon receipt of all or some of above items (minimum is an application and check or online payment), the GDCTA Show Recognition POC returns a GDCTA Show Recognition Checklist to the requestor certifying the event as GDCTA-Recognized (all items provided) or GDCTA-Recognition Pending (application and payment have been received, but not all items provided). The completion of the online application forwards the basic event information to the GDCTA Newsletter Editor and Webmaster for inclusion in our Calendar of Events. If mailing your application, please forward the event info to to be included in the calendars.


GDCTA-Recognition Pending events are reclassified as GDCTA-Recognized immediately upon receipt by the GDCTA Show Recognition POC of all “missing” items, provided they are received prior to the event. GDCTA-Recognition Pending events that do not provide all of the “missing” items prior to the event are reclassified Non-recognized.


Events may advertise themselves as GDCTA-Recognized upon receipt of the signed GDCTA Show Recognition Checklist whether classed as GDCTA-Recognized or GDCTA-Recognition Pending. GDCTA understands that it is not always possible to complete all requirements prior to the application and strives to be accommodating and reasonable. Therefore, the Prize List, Entry form and/or Program may advertise the event as “GDCTA-Recognized” even though the event cannot meet all requirements until after one or more of those items are printed and received by the GDCTA Show Recognition POC.


During the show, the competition manager agrees to:

  1. adhere to and enforce GDCTA policies and USEF rules (as reasonable in a schooling show environment);

  2. maintain a copy of the GDCTA policies and USDF rules in the show office, and have available GDCTA Schooling Horseshow Evaluation forms for participants.


The GDCTA Show Recognition POC does not “approve” show dates, nor ensure that shows on the same date are greater than some distance apart. 


The person requesting recognition does need to be a GDCTA member.


The GDCTA reserves the right to send a representative to your show without notice to insure contractual compliance.

Please note that the forms may take a few seconds to load.

2/2022: A change to the schooling show rules (new rules to be published soon).


USEA has added a new division called "Starter" and the GDCTA is replacing the tadpole division with the Starter division. The fence height is 2' 3" and has there is a “starter” test (purchase on the website where you purchase the other tests). GDCTA will count the scores at Tadpole from past shows (prior to Dec 2021) as Starter. Some shows may want to continue offering both Tadpole and Starter but the scores from Tadpole will not count for GDCTA year-end awards.



Schooling Show Recognition POC

Carol Tresan

(404) 786-4232

Dear GDCTA-recognized schooling show organizers:


The GDCTA is offering your volunteers an opportunity to participate in the Wilsun Custom Horse Products Volunteer of the Year for 2022 volunteer incentive program by volunteering AT YOUR SHOWS.


The GDCTA volunteer with the most hours volunteered in 2022 will win $1000.00, the one with the 2nd most hours will win $750.00, and the 3rd most hours will win $500.00. The remaining volunteers with a minimum of 24 hours will be put into a raffle for $250.00.


We are offering this incentive to your show volunteers for a $25.00 buy-in fee. That fee covers all your shows in 2022. All you have to do is send Caren Caverly ( by email your volunteers names and total number of hours worked on an excel sheet. GDCTA will promote your shows as participating in this program. If you are interested, let Caren know.


Caren Caverly

GDCTA President


Buy-in fee can be paid online here:


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