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Thank you~

To our volunteers:
We greatly appreciate your support and assistance with this show (and all the others you have been part of as we know you give often!). Thank you so much for consistently showing up. You know we are always looking for the best people and we are so grateful that we have you. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts on our behalf!

2019 Great American Insurance Group
& USDF Region 3 Dressage Championships
& Atlanta National Fall Dressage Show

October 11-13, 2019

Abby Goodwin
Adele Schirmer
Amanda Garner
Amanda McCoy
Amanda Moretz Lmt
Amber Patterson
Amy & Merrel Waggoner
Amy Stuhr Paterson
Amy Tobias
Andrea Himmel
Barbara Hopps
Beverly Bowman
Billy Patrick Jackson
Buck Smithson
Caren Caverly
Caroline Marlett
Chelsea Jordan
Chris Derr
Christie Hanson
Dana Clark
Dee Loveless
Denice Kludt
Diane Kilmer Dunn
Don Faso
Elizabeth Kane
Erin Lea McCloud
Evie Dinkins
Heather Ryfa
Janie Kerr Pride
Jeanne Wagnon Miyakawa
Jessica Whitehead Beier
Jody Langton
Joanne Morse
Julie Varellas Shannon
Kelli Agnew
Kimberly Wallace
Klare Bodycomb /Walter
Laura Beachem
Lily Catherine Ford
Linda Cowart
Linden Gaspar
Lisa Harders
Liz Faso
Elizabeth Molloy
Lori Kirkwood Goodwin
Lydia Kolbas
Lynne Berdanier
Maren Hanson
Maribeth Hebert
Mark Fornwalt
Marc Mesa
Mary Fowler
Mary Lou Tillman Freil
Mary McGuire Smith
Melanie Villafane
Michele Boyle Groeb
Michele Horne
Mike Welsch
Nancy Roberts
Nancy Roman
Nanette Manning
Norris Paige / Sylvia Davenport
Pam Taylor
Patricia Seaman
Paula Brown Fisher
Paula Morris
Payton Prokes
Peri Lambros
Peter West
Robin Forwalt
Sally Crews
Sandy Gillespie
Sara Serban
Sharon Turner
Stacy Tollison
Sue Smithson
Susan Cain
Susan Herbert
Susanne Lauda
Tommy Haywood
The Bogg Family
The Stansell Family

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