Stay-at-Home Dressage Series 

benefiting the Equestrian Aid Foundation

We did it! Over 100 tests judged nationwide, from California to South Carolina, and the Stay-at-Home Dressage Series has concluded! Here are some highlights from the event, a few special riders we want to recognize, and if you skip to the bottom, you’ll see dates of our next dressage series!


Some highlights:

  • We had over 100 tests judged from across the country

  • Tests spanned all levels from introductory to intermediate and beginner novice to preliminary

  • Over a third of the tests judged were eventing dressage

  • Barns teamed up to record their tests together (all while socially distanced of course)

  • Riders received test feedback from some all-star judges - Carter Bass, Sandy Hotz, Janet Foy and Dolly Hannon

  • In addition to judge’s comments, our juniors and young riders have been receiving feedback from Lendon Gray.

  • Participants were introduced to the great features of Competitor Tent: training and scoring analytics, movement by movement scoring, plus scoring push notifications!


This series was education-focused and didn’t have any prizes or places due to FEI restrictions. With that, we want to acknowledge some of the best improvements and achievements by our series participants.  

Final Thoughts

Because of you, we are supporting riders and trainers who may be struggling financially during this COVID crisis by donating the proceeds from the event to the Equestrian Aid Foundation! With your help, someone is going to be able feed their horses this month, that wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. It’s just one big way you made a difference while staying home and staying safe!


We had a great team of people who pulled together from the safety of their homes to make the series possible: our super judges in the series, the legendary Lendon Gray, our amazing organizer Caren Caverly, and the teams at GDCTA and Major League Eventing for their support and promotion of our series.


One More Thing

If you haven’t checked out our next series, Trot-For-Teal, this time in show format, please click here. We're already underway, and this time we’re offering classes in classical dressage, eventing dressage and western dressage!


The two remaining weekends are May 30 and June 6. Entries close the Monday before each weekend date - that's tomorrow evening for the May 30th event.


Sponsored by Major League Eventing


The Competitor Tent app can be downloaded for free on the App Store at the following link:


Apr 25: Carter Bass, "R" DSHB Judge, "S" Judge, Freestyle, Young Horse

May 2: Sandra Hotz, "S"

Register by April 27th, Video by April 29th

May 9: Janet Foy, "O"/5*

Register by May 4th, Video by May 6th

May 16: Dolly Hannon,  "S"

Register by May 11th, Video by May 13th

All events:

Lendon Gray will be reviewing and giving comments on all the Junior rides!

Others TBA


Perform test(s) and record video from “C”. Minimum 1080p video quality required. Use zooming, if possible.

Ring should measure as close to 20x60 or 20x40 meters as possible and appropriate dressage letters are required.

Each video submission should be of one test and each test must be recorded non-stop. Tests may not have been previously judged.

Submit video(s) via WeTransfer

Go to

There is no need to set up an account on WeTransfer. Just go

to left side of screen and enter the following:

  • Click the “+” button and add your video file.

  • Enter the email address, “”          in “Email to” field.

  • Enter your email address that you used to sign up for our series in “Your email” field.

  • In the “Message” area, please include your name, rider number and class number in textbox.

  • If you’ve entered multiple classes, please email each ride separately.

  • If you have an iPhone, be sure to download the Competitor Tent app to be notified when your score(s) post and see your score(s) including movement by movement in our app.


All tests will also be emailed to all riders.


Dressage Tests

Intro A, B, C

Training Level 1, 2, 3

First Level 1, 2, 3

Second Level 1, 2, 3

Third Level 1, 2, 3

Fourth Level 1, 2, 3

Prix St. Georges

Intermediate 1

Intermediate 2

Grand Prix

Eventing Tests

Amoeba (Intro test A)

Tadpole (Intro test C)

Beginner Novice A

Novice A

Training A

Preliminary A

Intermediate A

Advanced A


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