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The GDCTA Grant has been established to provide funding support for GDCTA member-riders who are working to sharpen their riding skills. Four grants of $800* each will be offered to GDCTA members for concentrated work with a trainer of their choice within one year of receiving the grant award.



The mission of the GDCTA Grant Program is to provide educational opportunities to members who have demonstrated exceptional commitment to and/or excellence in the sport as well as service and ambassadorship within the Association.


The grant is meant for a GDCTA member to have the opportunity to be in a training situation that is not readily available during the course of his/her daily pattern. Grant monies must be used to participate in educational programs that include, but are not limited to: seminars, workshops, clinics and training programs offered by recognized or certified instructors.



These grants represent an investment by GDCTA. The recipient understands that the membership will benefit as a result of the recipient’s experience, therefore it is a requirement that the recipient will:

  • write an article for the GDCTA newsletter, Collected Remarks, for use on the GDCTA website and for GDCTA’s use in other publications

  • give a verbal report at a GDCTA board meeting as soon as possible after their training is complete

  • volunteer at least 8 hours (or the equivalent of one day) at a GDCTA function within a year of receiving the grant.


*I understand that I will receive an initial $600 of the grant after details of my training are confirmed, and one month before my training; the balance in the amount of $200 will be sent to me when the GDCTA newsletter editors receive my training experience article.

The Equestrian Journal - for winners

Each GDCTA grant recipient will receive a special journal donated by The Equestrian Journal. Journaling is a great tool

to help you organize your thoughts and record your progress.

Catherine Respess will also provide a journal coaching session to each grant winner to give them a “leg up” and fully enjoy the power of Journaling!!

Learn more:

Questions? Please contact

Janie Pride

Grant Program Committee Chair


Please include trainer and reference letters with the submission of your packet.


We would prefer all applications and recommendations letters

to be emailed.

If to be snail mailed, it should come from applicant and be mailed to:

Janie Pride

8055 Midland Rd

Midland, GA 31820-4214

One grant will be awarded in each of the following categories:

  • Adult Amateur – Dressage

  • Professional

  • Combined Training

  • Jr/YR



  • GDCTA members in good standing.

  • US Citizen or permanent US resident holding Green card

  • Involvement in a regular riding program with active instruction over the last three years


Opening Date: February 1 

Closing Date: June 1

Winner Announcement: July 1

Other Opportunities:

2023 Recipients

Katie Erpel (Professional Dressage)

Crockett Miller (Combined Training)

Ginny Henry (AA Dressage)

Lillian Koon (JR/YR)

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