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Volunteer at our shows-earn these wonderful prizes! 

  • GDCTA Spring fling Schooling Show at Wills Park

  • Greater Atlanta Dressage Southern I & II 

  • Labor Day Classics I & II

  • GDCTA Summer Finals Schooling Show at Wills Park

  • Atlanta National Fall Dressage

  • Youth Festival













*Hours can be rolled over to following year. 

1 show day consists of 8 hours, but you can volunteer for ½ show day and earn 4 hours.


Beginning in 2020, volunteers may use their hours toward auditing

GDCTA clinics!

Contact Joanne to trade in your hours - $5 per hour - toward the type of auditing you would like. 

All Apparel will be ordered following October horse show by contacting the Volunteer Program Coordinator.


The Top 3 Volunteers will be honored at the Awards Gala.





Joanne Morse



2020 Top Volunteers (Excluding Board member hours)

Jody Langton - 48 hours

Andy Miyakawa - 32 hours

Jean Miyakawa - 32 hours

Mark Fornwalt - 32 hours

Congratulations to our

Volunteers of the Year Award Winners



Kelli Jackson 

2019 (a tie!)

Matt & Andrea Himmel

Andy & Jean Miyakawa

2019 Top 10 Volunteers (Excluding Board member hours)

Matt Himmel - 93 hours

Mark Fornwalt - 88 hours

Andrea Himmel - 82 hours

Andy Miyakawa - 82 hours

Jean Miyakawa - 72 hours

Jody Langton - 56 hours

Mary Fowler - 49 hours

Susan Cain - 48 hours

Denice Kludt - 41 hours

Nanette Manning - 38 hours

GDCTA wants to thank the many volunteers who help us each and every day! We had some very special volunteers yea in and year out. They volunteered hours and hours and hours! We are truly grateful.

Thank you, volunteers, for your generosity of time, talents and donations!

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