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Complete Training Provided!
GDCTA is a member-focused and member-run organization that depends on volunteers!  We encourage you to become involved in any of the many activities we offer.  Have a new idea?  Bring it to the board at a meeting.

Share the excitement from the inside: 

  • Meet international judges, competitors, and learn how the competitions work.

  • Scribing at a show is a great educational experience to help you improve as a rider! 

  • Help a Junior rider put a winning sash on her horse for the victory gallop! 

  • Participate as a ring steward in order to better understand our sport. 

  • If you’re a trainer, volunteer your time for a Kudzu Klinic




Volunteer Coordinator:

Caren Caverly


Dear GDCTA Member,


In the tradition of Dressage at Devon and the Olympics, GDCTA is requesting your support for horse shows. GDCTA is always planning special shows with outstanding judges and at wonderful facilities. We need your to help us make these shows outstanding.
Still concerned if you can “do the job”?  GDCTA will train you. There will be job descriptions before the show and training sessions through the weekend. Each volunteer area will have experienced people available to assist you.
Please have your horse friends, their families and supporters, competitors and non-competitors consider this opportunity. The horse you open the entry gate for may be headed to the Olympics (okay, maybe not, but it will still be fun and great horses will be there)!
See you there,
Join the expanding list of volunteers.

Now is your chance to give back to the organization that continually strives to make your dressage and eventing dreams and goals a reality. We are in constant need of volunteers for our wonderful recognized shows, schooling shows and many other activities.

Volunteering is fun and educational!

Never volunteered before?

No problem!

We’ll walk you through it.

Complete training provided!

Example Volunteer Jobs:



The most basic element of the job of the scribe is to make sure the judge has the proper tests for each ride, ensure that the test is marked with the correct competitor’s number, and write down the judge’s comments exactly as given. Because scribing is a skill, it’s important to have prior experience. GDCTA requires FEI and musical freestyle scribing experience for our championships and CDI shows. When you pick up your clipboard, take a moment to look through the tests to be sure they are correct and match the schedule.


Ring Stewards

The job of the ring steward is to make sure competitors are ready to go into the ring on time. You will be stationed at your ring with a show schedule. Greet and keep track of all riders in your area, and let them know if you are running on time, ahead, or behind. Also tell them where they are in the order of go - next, 2 away, etc. Let the riders know if they can warm-up around or inside the ring when it is their turn.


Equipment Check

The job of equipment checker is to perform random inspections (at the direction of the Technical Delegate) once the competitor has completed a ride. They will notify the TD of any potential issues, for example whip is too long or the bit is illegal.


Gate Keepers (Championship):

Open and close the opening in the ring at A.



The primary responsibility of a runner is to get completed score sheets from the judges to the scorers in a timely manner. Runners may also be asked to deliver messages, refreshments, and supplies to the judge and/or scribe.  USEF requires runners to be 16 years or older with a valid driver's License.


Ribbons & Test Desk

Competitors pick up their completed test and any ribbons or awards at the Test Desk. This volunteer is responsible for filing tests as they are delivered from the scorers, ensuring that competitors or their representatives collect their tests, and assisting the scorers with posting the results.


Award Ceremonies

Putting ribbons on horses and escorting the group to the ring. Each ceremony takes about 1.5hrs.


Additional Volunteer Roles:


Write for Newsletter


Sell Advertising


Board Member


Annual Awards Gala Committee

Voluteer Jobs
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